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Municipal and Infrastructure Surveys

At Krcmar, not all of our clients are private developers. We also work for various government departments and a number of agencies, such as school boards, regional conservation authorities, the Toronto Transit Commission, etc. Like any landowner, these clients may have land that needs to be severed or a new facility that needs to be erected. Likewise, it may be necessary to assess the extent of their holdings or address title issues that should be illustrated on a plan. For instance, a municipality may need to know the boundaries of 10 kilometres of road, which parcels have dedicated widenings and who owns the abutting parcels. This information will enhance the value of their holdings and provide the necessary information with which to make administrative decisions on behalf of stakeholders, such as transit authorities.

Our portfolio runs the gamut from highway projects and regional roadways to 3-D tunnel location and surface facilities such as airport towers and railway yards. Related services include highway and structure monitoring, precise levels and route surveys. We have developed expertise in Stratified Reference Plans, which make it possible for a municipality to acquire a fee simple road widening (conforming to road-design specifications) and still allow a subsurface structure, such as a parking garage or utility easement, directly below.